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My name is Emily, but you can call me Emy, like everyone else does. I am a graphic & web designer + vintage clothing upcycler. Designing is my jam and fashion is my passion; so I tuned my two loves into my dream career.

I spend every day designing in some form or another; branding, logos, websites, clothing upcycles, you name it - it's in my blood. I love bright colors, but can also vibe a moody palette if that's what you're in to. I strive to give each client so much value that you are continuously coming back for more.

I'm a wife + boy mom to the two most handsome boys in the universe (sorry, not sorry) and they keep me sane and love me through my journey as an entrepreneur. We also have a little 'daughter dog' named Luna, she literally goes everywhere with us and feels more like a human. Our family is currently in the midst of building our dream home, and we couldn't do it without the support from YOU! So, thank you!

I could keep chatting about my past + schooling, but let's do that over coffee or something? (I drink decaf.) I want to freaking get to know you, I want to vibe together and bring those big juicy visions of your to life. Create some MAGIC! So hit me up here or email me at hello@emyddesign.com t-t-todayyyy.