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Site design by EMYDDESIGN


With hiring EMYDDEIGN for any sort of design based project you agree to the following terms and condition.

Delivery of Services

Designee will provide all completed files and services within 30 days of project start date. This 30 day timeline will not apply if the client has not responded to the designer within 3 business days during project duration. If the project takes longer than 30 days to complete because of the clients lack of communication, the client will be charged $30 per additional day until the project is complete. If the designing takes longer than 30 days and falls on behalf of the designer, no extra charges will be on the Client. If emergency situations arise, the Designer and Client agree to communicate with each other within the 3 business day timeline. At this point, a new timeline may be discussed between both parties if applicable. After project completion, all design files will be shared with you via Google Drive; client has 30 days after project completion to download all files to their own device. Designer is not responsible for keeping final intact files 30 days after project is completed. Upon delivery of services the client agrees to tag the designer on their instagram account (if they have one) at least once. Mentioning the designers work and where they can be found. Word of mouth is so strong for small business owners, and is so appreciated.


Cost, Fees and Payment

The total cost for all Designs & Services you have agreed upon is due in full on or by project start date. Designer does not start any projects until fees have been agreed upon and paid. Payment plans are only allowed in which the designer has agreed in writing and payment schedules have been discussed. EMYDDESIGN also has the right to terminate the project at any point in the project timeline, no refund necessary. The termination may be subjective to lack of communication from the client, or the client not following design protocol within the terms and conditions.


Design Process

All design projects are given 1-3 rough draft concept option(s) for you to choose from; that choice is then tuned into a final design with your feedback, and you are given one minor rework at this point in the design process. A minor rework includes moving or arranging already existing elements in the final design. No new elements will be added to the design at this point; including fonts, colors, shapes, words, etc. If you’re not happy with the design at this stage, you will be charged an hourly rate of $30 until we have settled on a final design. Note: If applicable to your design/service chosen, you will not be able to make business name changes within the design process. If you decide to change your company name after the project timeline has begun, you will need to repurchase the service/package from Designer to move forward with the new name. Designer is not required to give Client a refund for the first package purchased with the original name choice. Client may discuss renegotiating with the Designer if this problem arises. Client is responsible for paying for their domain name, if not already purchased. Client is also responsible for paying the monthly/yearly website hosting fee as well as any email address inboxes or other services provided by the chosen hosting company. Designer can assist the Client via email/phone to achieve getting both the domain and hosting setup, if needed.