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1992 - 2005


I started my first business selling hand picked flowers and filler greenery at wholesale cost to a local floral shop.

Arts and crafts were my jam. Thanks to both of my grandmas; one giving me her artistic jeans and the other always helping me to bring out my creative side.

My weekends at grandmas house consisted of; upcycling clothing. I remember my first sewing project was a pillowcase, and we slowly moved onto apparel. We made bracelets, keychains, diy soap and lipgloss, shrinky dinks (anyone else remember those? You name it and we diy'ed it.

It's crazy for me to look back on those times of my adolescence and realize how much of what I was doing then, is what I am still doing today. I think that has something pretty powerful to say about purpose and living in alignment on this planet.

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2011 - 2015


Now this is college time. After high school ended I did not even consider a career in the arts field. I honestly didn't even know it was an option. I was attending a local community college and pursuing an Associates of Arts Degree with the thoughts of majoring in Human Resources?! I obviously signed up for all of the arts classes when choosing my electives. But during my second year I took my first ever graphic design class and I knew that was my future. I called my mom and told her I was changing my major.

I graduated from the community college with an AA and it was time to get into my Bachelors stage of education. But I wanted a change of scenery. My mom always told me I could go wherever I wanted and be whoever I wanted. So I chose to move to Arizona and become an art student. I enrolled in The Art Institute of Phoenix and spent 3 amazing years in the desert. I worked a bunch of odd jpbs; retail, serving, etc. But I also experienced my first unpaid internship in AZ which taught me so much. And later got hired on as a part time graphic designers assistant, which is just so full circle to me. Thinking about how I am the one offering these opportunities to others now.

I met my soul mate during my senior year of college (ironically he was from the same small county i grew up in.) We endured a year of long distance and then i graduated from AI in 2015 with my Bachelors in Graphic and Web Design. And I ended my schooling with a 4.0 and also received the award for 'Best Portfolio' alongside all my alumni. I remember finishing college and not wanting it to be over. I finally found a place I thrived and fit in. Where the work was easy.

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2017 - current


For the first year of freelance, my only goal was to make as much per month as I did in my corporate job, and I did just that. We were comfortable and things were fine. I did a ton of collaborations and began to grow my audience on Instagram. I also got married in Summer of 2017 and shortly after became pregnant; and during that same year I experienced the worst anxiety of my life. My new life was amazing but it was also a lot to handle. New business, new home, new marriage, and now a baby in my belly.


2018 was partly spent pregnant which got a little challenging to run a business while creating a life. And then the second half of 2018 was spent juggling being a new momma + keeping my business alive. (Do note: my business pays bills and isn't a hobby.) When he turned 3 months old, i felt like i was finally ready to jump back in the game and started to restructure my entire business. January of 2019 I was introduced to online courses, podcasts, mindset, business coaches, and more. I said yes to every opportunity. I invested in myself. I took notes and learned from my mistakes.

I worked with some of the coolest clients ever and was even asked to attend a Business Mastermind in Morocco in October of 2019. I launched my first course which helped me hit my first 5 digit month in sales. I co-hosted two women's retreats with my business partner Cayden, which has turned into building a community of like-minded babes. I've managed to nearly triple my income since leaving my corporate job and we aren't stopping here.

And you can do it too. Let's make 2020 your year. I am here to help you chase those dreams. This next year is all about teaching you what i've learned and helping you get there too. You're never too late.

april 1992


I was born on the 25th of April at 12:12 AM 

in Longview, WA. Spot that angel number?

2005 - 2010


YIKES! These were my teenage years. I don't think I even need to say much more, but i will any way. This is when I found my love for the other side of the arts; music, photography, and design. 

I got my first guitar in 2005, it was a Fender Stratocaster, and it changed my life. Music became a big part of my life and I eventually ended up performing by singing and playing guitar at my high school graduation in 2010.

Alongside music I also eventually found a love for photography. I got my first camera for my 15th birthday (a Nikon D40 from my amazing Aunt.) I brought my camera anywhere and everywhere which lead to the opportunity of being noticed by some upper class-men on the school's Yearbook Staff. They recruited me to the staff as a Sophomore, which was not usually heard of. I helped by taking photos, but when they had page design deadlines they asked me to step in and help. I remember being SO CONFUSED with the Adobe Suites at the time. But little did I know, the Adobe Suites would become my entire life and allow me to chase after my dreams. Designing a couple pages that year lead to me being in charge of an entire section the next year, and come senior year I became Yearbook Editor.

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2015 - 2017


I moved back to WA to be with my 'boyfriend' and my family. I got my first 'BIG GIRL' job in Seattle, WA as an in-house graphic and web designer. I worked for a company that did some pretty cool things within the Seattle Community and got to be a part of some events working with the Seattle Seahawks, the Seafair Event, King 5 News, and more. The ads I designed were in magazines, newspapers, on tv commercials, at 25,000 person events, driving on the freeway on the sides of semi trucks, etc. That was such a wild experience to me to see those things.

But I wasn't exactly happy working 9-5. I hated my 1-2 hour commute to work (depending on the traffic that day.) It felt like I was wasting my life away; despite the really 'cool' opportunities i was experiencing. So in 2017 I started my own legit freelancing business; I did graphic design for some companies back in my home town and I started selling stuff on Etsy that I made with my designs on it. In four months time I had doubled my monthly income. I was making just as much money as I was in the corporate world, so I decided to take a leap of faith. Our apartment lease was about to expire, my new business was doing great, my then 'fiance' was a student and had a flexible schedule. So we packed up and moved back to our home town to start over and live life how we wanted.

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let's take a trip down memory lane

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