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want to work together 1:1?

it's similar to investing in a course EXCEPT for the fact that the results come so much quicker. we can work together side by side to resolve any issues you are ready to uncover. coaching is based off of YOUR needs and each experience is unique.

what you can expect

- uncover what's been holding you back

- charge what you are worth (and add tax!)

- step into the next level version of yourself

- attract your dream clients and customers

- grow your audience by being yourself

- work in alignment and do what you love

- live your dream life every single day

here's your options

30 min zoom video call: $111

30 min in person meeting: $111 (plus travel)

1 hour zoom video call: $222

1 hour in person meeting: $222 (plus travel)

4 - 1 hr zoom video sessions + weekly text support: $777

let's get started

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